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​Types of Guitars and Buying Guide

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 The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in use today, and it spans a huge range of musical styles -- rock music, country music and flamenco music all use the same instrument to create wildly different sounds. The guitar is an instrument that has been around since the 1500s, but it has undergone several big transformations during its history. The development of the electric guitar is the most obvious recent mutation, and it had a huge effect on the popularity of the guitar.

Electric Guitars:

Despite the slow start, the electric guitar did find its place. It has inspired and defined entirely new types of music. The electric guitar remains the most prominent instrument in rock music, and the most famous instrument ever to come out of the United States

Some electric guitars have a hollow or semi-hollow body with the resonating cavity found in an acoustic guitar, but the most popular electric guitars have solid bodies. The sound is produced by magnetic pickups and controlled by several knobs. If you pluck a string on an electric guitar that is not plugged in, the sound is barely audible. Without a soundboard and a hollow body, there is nothing to amplify the string's vibrations.

Classical Guitars:

Classical guitars are very popular and are usually the choice guitar for beginners. The strings are usually made from nylon. They are usually played in a standard sitting position and used in playing classical music. Classical guitars produce whole sounds which are very pleasing to the ear. Flamenco guitars are similar to classical guitars; however, they produce crisper and thinner sounds than the other classical guitars.

Steel-top Guitars:

Steel-top guitars are much similar than the classical guitar but are constructed to be more resilient. The parts of the steel-top guitar are reinforced and their bodies are significantly larger than the classical guitars. They also produce a warmer tone than the classical guitar

12-String Guitar:

A normal guitar usually has 6 strings, but the 12-string guitar, as its name implies, has 12 strings. Each string is accompanied by another string with the same note but is usually tuned in a higher octave. This guitar produces a semi-chorus effect which is very pleasant to the ear.

Acoustic Bass:

Acoustic bass guitars are bass guitars without electronic pick-ups. The body of the guitar is used to produce the sound. They are usually 4-stringed guitars but there are acoustic bass guitars which have 5 or 6 string.

iMusicGuitar Playing Tips:

1. Proper ways and methods of using guitar capo:

A guitar capo is very useful tool for playing the rhythm guitar. It is a neat little guitar tool that can be used to change between different musical keys effortlessly. By fastening itself onto different positions on the guitar neck, the capo enables the guitarist to create a “movable nut” similar to that of a full bare at the desired fret.

2. Guide to choosing and buying guitar:

When I first got interested in playing the guitar, the first obstacle that I met was to purchase a guitar. I had totally no idea how to choose a guitar nor had any close friends who played the instrument.

3. Best choice of Beginner guitars:

When you are purchasing your first guitar, it is best to consider a variety of things when making your decision. In my opinion, one of the most important things to consider when picking a guitar is the type of music you want to play on it.

4. Using Guitar:

Typically, guitar effects are housed into small effects pedals which are placed on the ground and activated when the guitarists steps onto them. Using guitar effects has been made easier with the multi effects pedals available in the market. Most of these units can be pre-programmable to store different chains of effects settings.

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